How do I use WindowTabs?

WindowTabs runs in the background and adds tabs to your desktop applications. To change WindowTabs settings, right click the system tray icon.

What is a Window Tab?

WindowTabs attaches a small tab to the top of your windows so you can organize them into groups. For example, here is a tab on a Notepad window:

  • Icon: The icon of the window, in this case the Notepad icon.
  • Title: The title of the window, in this case "lorem.txt".
  • Close: Click the little 'x' to close the window.

Dragging a Tab

Click on a tab and drag it to move the window. When you drag a window by its tab, it shrinks and becomes semi-transparent until you drop it somewhere new.

Creating a Window Group

The main benefit of WindowTabs is that it let's you group windows together and organize your desktop. Try combining two windows into a group by dragging-and-dropping one tab onto another tab. For example, here we are grouping a notepad and an explorer window together:

Working with Window Groups

Once you have some windows grouped together, you can move and resize the group together as a single unit. To switch between windows in a group, click on the tab for each window:

Taskbar Groups

When you group windows together, their taskbar buttons combine as well. You can click on the taskbar button to see what windows are in a group and to activate and "peek" preview the different windows.

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